Dreamin’ and Drivin’: The Kills Photo Book Released


“Dream & Drive”, the much-anticipated photobook of the transatlantic rock duo, The Kills, was released recently. Find out more about this book and the awesome twosome’s decade-long career after the jump!

Photo by Kenneth Cappello via The Kills website

Shot by their long-time friend, photographer Kenneth Cappello, The Kills: Dream & Drive features a selection of intimate behind the scenes photographs, press and live shots of Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince over the course of their ten year music career.

“They turned out to be palaces of the supernatural those clubs, where your life could be changed one night, with nothing more than a knackered Fender Twin and a pair of disintegrating jeans. I’d forgotten it was really like that until we started on this book…” — J. Hince

Photo by Kenneth Cappello via The Huffington Post

“These are photos of locomotion. Silent visions of things turned up past their load. […] I know when we’re looking straight on, we’re looking straight through. And I suppose it’s the drift and swing, that shows you who you are, and that music is a force and really is, all it’s cracked up to be. These photos make me remember everything.” — A. Mosshart

Photo by Kenneth Cappello via The Huffington Post

The Kills currently have four studio albums under their belt: Keep On Your Mean Side (2003), No Wow (2005), Midnight (2008) and Blood Pressure (2011.) Most recently, they contributed a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams to the Fleetwood Mac tribute album Just Tell Me That You Want Me that was released last month.

All information for this article was taken from The Huffington Post, The Kills website, the Domino Recording Company website, and The Kills Wikipedia article

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