Boomi's Theater Ensures Town's Survival


You know where Australia is. You’re familiar with New South Wales, but have you ever heard of a town called Boomi? Well, every two years in this tiny town of Boomi, the locals rally together to write, direct and star in a theater show. It’s not just a local show, this theater troupe has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the town of Boomi.

Photo by ABC News

Boomi is home to about 100 people. Yes, 100. It has experienced drought and floods throughout its history. Boomi’s young and old volunteer (with ages that range from 10 to 70) volunteer their time and effort to make their theater show a success.

They spent months getting ready for the show, and it’s not all for fun and showing off talent. The thousands of dollars that they raised supports a number of local projects, including the community co-op shop and its school. This theater has helped the town survive for more than two decades.

Photo by ABC News

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