Hanging Out with Mr.Pink


Pink has to be the favorite color of many, including Lomographers. Remember when Mr. Pink came out? Oh, the dashing analogue debonair in a hot pink outfit!

Hearts go a-flutter whenever Mr. Pink passes by! People instantly fall in-love with its ultra-dreamy and mysterious medium format camera. And, of course, that hot-pink color is as bright as any flushed cheek. Check out this gallery of Lomographers hanging out with Mr. Pink.

Credits: robter, elletra, alehopgm & enjoylife

And it’s not just us people who love hanging out with Mr. Pink. Cats and dogs love him too!

Credits: elletra & maymosciaro

And even clones!

Credits: elletra

Happy Birthday Diana F+! Thank you for dazzling us with your multitude of talents and brilliant photos for 5 memorable years. We have some irresistible deals to celebrate this great event. Head to the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores until September 17th and make the most of our special offers

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