Cars and Things Engulfed by Nature

2012-09-06 1

When I was a child I was mortified about the thought of being swallowed by quicksand. In the city, marshes aren’t that prevalent and as I grew older my fear, that had been fed by childhood fiction, was quickly replaced with the more realistic fear of being engulfed by toxic smog from car engines.

Images via This Is Colossal

These stationary vehicles look as if they’re sinking in real-time don’t they? They were photographed at CMP Block in Taiwan.

Image via J.Passion

The art exhibition space is dedicated to projects such as this which aims to fuse “art, aesthetics, and nature”. A nice sounding trinity if I do say so myself!

Credits: paper_doll

We see objects being “reclaimed” by nature frequently. Though we might tut and wish we’d taken better care of our mossy possessions, it’s inevitable. We go back to nature. So appreciate the reverse metamorphosis process, appreciate it as art, and celebrate is as they are in Taiwan!

Yes, it’s true. Even our lovely LC-As.

Inspiration and information for this article is taken from This Is Colossal

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