Pushing the Boundaries with Lomography Redscale

2012-09-12 2

My annoyance with my underexposed redscales has encouraged me to push the boundaries. Keep reading for my redscale tip :)

Credits: amytam

When I first started Lomography and getting into film photography, I was always intrigued by the beautiful images produced with redscale films. My initial trials of the Lomography Redscale 100 was a huge disappointment where my 3 rolls of 120 film only resulted in 14 decent images. My problem? Underexposure.

Underexposed :(

So my simple tip to you all – Overexpose Your Redscales by a Stop. The Lomography Redscale has an ISO of 100, and if it was a regular film, I would shoot at a 1/125 shutter speed. But because of my disastrous initial attempts, I decided to push the boundaries and shot a few rolls at 1/60 and was quite pleased with the results!

Variety of colour/hues :)

Instead of getting the typical intense red tones, some of my shots have either a greyish purple tinge or a warm yellow mustard hue. It actually provides quite a nice range of colours and is quite similar to my beloved Lomography Redscale XR film!

So try overexposing your red scales by a stop, you might like the results :)

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  1. letsgetfunkyy
    letsgetfunkyy ·

    I have a question, I'd never used redscale before and my pictures (taken with my diana F+) were also very underexposed. Now, you talk about changing shutter speed, but I have no idea how to do this with my Diana F+..

  2. amytam
    amytam ·

    Hi, @letsgetfunkyy

    The Diana F+ has a set shutter speed (unless you chose the Bulb mode) and therefore, you can't change it. What I would do, however, is to make sure that you use the camera on a really sunny day and set the setting to either partial cloudy or cloud. This way, you increase the amount of light that is exposed to the film by making the aperture bigger in size. I personally, prefer to shoot with redscale on my Lubitel because of the shutter speed control. I can also suggest you try to do some double exposures with the Diana F+, you might get some trippy results

    Hope that was helpful!

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