Azealia Banks Goes Analogue in '1991'


Harlem’s new notorious rapper Azealia Banks just dropped her latest music video for “1991,” heavily reminiscent of hip-hop in that era. The clip is a perfect example of the 90’s analogue lifestyles and features boomboxes, vinyls, and a film camera! Can you guess which one it is?

1991 by Azealia Banks

The “Liquorice b*tch” who brought you the summer hip-hop anthem “212” has finally released the music video for her equally booty-bumping song “1991.” Directed by Justin Mitchell, it features the American rapper dropping some beats and moves with cameos of analogue gadgets from the ’90s.

We spotted boomboxes, record players, and an analogue camera! They seem to have blocked off the logo but can you tell what model it is?

Watch “1991” in full to see more clues about the camera! (Contains explicit content.)

Visit Azealia Banks for more info.

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