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To the newer generation, Gould’s Book Arcade might just look like a labyrinth of old and dusty books. But to those who love and cherish the old times, this place is a paradise! Here you can find mountains of books, cassettes, vinyl records and old video tapes (VHS and Beta!).

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If you’re ever in Sydney, Australia and you need a book that has been long out of print, head straight to Gould’s Book Arcade. Chances are, you might find the book you were looking for and many more. The shop is stacked with out of print books, publishers remainders of the last 30 years, and second hand books. You probably might feel a bit discouraged by its lack of organization, but do not lose faith. The book you are looking for somewhere in there for sure!

From local history and politics to poetry and sciences, the store offers a wide range of book categories. They even have titles that are probably (or will never will) be listed online. With so many books to look through, the hunt is half the fun. To avoid getting lost, drop some bread crumbs now and then just so you can track back your movements. But if you’re planning to look deep into the caves of books until late at night, might as well keep that bread. The store open till late at night.

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Once you get your hunting groove on, you will definitely lose track of time. And for those of you who are looking for an unusual present, there are great chances that this place might have that perfect gift. So if you’re up to an adventure, clear all your appointments for the day and go get lost in Gould’s Book Arcade.

Photo by Gould's Book Arcade

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