The Diana World Tour Recap (Part 2)

In celebration of the gorgeous Diana’s birthday, we have previously shown you a quick rundown of the first half of The Diana World Tour, which recently concluded in Austin, Texas. If you were looking forward to learning about the rest of Diana’s epic globe-trotting adventure, step right up and check out this second installment!

These past few years, our beloved Diana camera has done a lot of traveling, visiting some amazing cities as part of an impressive traveling exhibit aptly called The Diana World Tour. Showcased in the recently concluded analogue expo were some of the finest Diana images, the original Diana clones from the Detrich Collection, and some rad customizations by the cities’ top artists!

In this second installment of the recap, just in time for Diana’s birthday, we bring you the rest of the tales from her epic travelling exhibit!

New York City

After the exhibit’s visit in Asia and Europe, The Diana World Tour headed to the United States, specifically its most populous metropolis, New York City! Diana and the gang’s party was attended by many big names like Amber Tamblyn and Elijah Wood, who both contributed in the Diana Vignettes Exhibit. Several exciting events were lined up throughout the month of the exhibit’s NYC leg, all of which got New Yorker lomographers partying, dancing, and getting analogue-inspired!


Diana’s next stop was another global cultural capital: London! The tour featured many English touches, from the Jack's Cap for Diana cameras especially made for the event (and was available only through the LGS London), to the amazing customized Diana cameras designed by British artists. Flipping through the photos above of the World Tour opening party, we can tell how much fun London lomographers had, partying and snapping the night away!


Diana and her travelling exhibit headed next to Berlin, Germany’s capital and largest city. With plenty of fun parties and awe-inspiring stuff, German lomographers sure had a fine time with Diana. Of course, Lomography also asked some of the most creative minds in Germany to put their artistry to the test and design some customized Diana cameras. Just take a look at some of the wow-worthy Diana renditions above!


Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia, was Diana’s next stop after Berlin in the World Tour’s European leg. Lomographers from the Baltic Regions flocked to the events, parties, and workshops conducted as part of the tour. Of course, they were also treated to their region’s own take on the Diana Vignettes and customized Diana cameras by their very own artists and designers.

Los Angeles, California

Soon, the Diana World Tour was back in the US, with Los Angeles as its next stop. It was the chance for lomographers from the City of Angels to showcase the best of their Diana snaps in the tour’s Diana Vignettes Exhibit, and the local artists and designers to demonstrate their creative prowess with their custom Diana clones. But, all these artworks and photos were not just for fun and show, as the Vignettes and Clones were auctioned off for charity.

Australia/New Zealand

At this point, the Diana World Tour has already been to some of the biggest cities in Asia, Europe, and the US, so, to accomplish its global mission, the traveling exhibit headed next to Australia and New Zealand. The next destinations were Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. Aside from the opening parties, events, and workshops, the three cities also had their local artists design and create Diana clones, which were put on auction. The proceeds went to two charities: World Child Cancer & See Through Me Project.


You must have thought, “How could the tour be in Europe and miss Italy?” Well, the Diana World Tour finally visited Milan, the country’s second largest municipality, after the Australia/New Zealand leg. It was finally the Italian city’s turn to marvel at the Detrich Collection, and also showcase it’s lomographers’ best Diana snapshots in the Vignettes Exhibit. Of course, there it was also a chance for the city’s best artists and designers to fashion their own amazing Diana clones!

San Francisco, California

Diana and her marvelous traveling exhibit was back in the US after the tour’s Milan leg. By then, the Diana World Tour was down to its last two destinations, one of them San Francisco. There, Lomgraphers and creative minds from the town and around had a blast from the opening party, to the Diana-themed workshops, to their own Vignettes exhibit alongside the Detrich Collection, and the custom Diana clones designed by the local artists!

Austin, Texas

Last but certainly not the least on Diana and the gang’s destinations is Austin, the capital of the state of Texas. After the successful visits to San Francisco and Los Angeles, Austin-based lomographers finally had their chance to enjoy the Detrich collection, and the works of their local artists, photographers, and designers who took part in the Diana Vignettes and made their own takes on custom Diana clones! Lomography Gallery Store Austin also recently had a live auction of prints, the proceeds of which benefited 8 different charities!

Diana sure had a long and adventure-filled journey, with all the amazing cities and awesome lomographers and artists she met along the way. So, to everyone who took part in these momentous celebrations of Diana’s continuing legacy, thank you so much and we hope you had as much fun as Lomography and Diana had! Lomo on!

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