Rosy Rescales: A Retrospective Look of the Past Year

2012-09-06 1

The past year for me has been a bit of a hectic one. Between studying university and traveling, I have tried my hardest to keep developing lomographs and maintain my passion for photography! As I’m sure most of you know, this photographic addiction is not easy to maintain! So here is my documentation of the past year in redscale.

Retrospective. This is a word which is often thrown around these days, with “retro” clothing and items taking over the world of fashion. However, how many of you stop and think about the real meaning of the word? The idea that it’s ok to stop every now and then, take a look back, and reflect on the past? I thought I would take this opportunity to do so with the most vintage, ‘retro’ looking film of all… REDSCALE!

Being in my second year of medical school, I spend a lot of time in hospitals. As you can imagine, the constant white coats, white buildings, and even white clip boards can grow to be tiresome. However, with the tinge of warmth that redscale brings, suddenly the hospital comes to life!

I remember seeing this bike parked in front of the hospital that day and marveling at the beauty in its simplicity. It doesn’t have fancy gears or flashy paint, but it still takes you where you want to go so you can experience life ahead.

As with all uni life, partying is a big section of it. This simply cannot be avoided. Plus, why would you want to avoid it?

However, life isn’t all about uni and parties. I have spent quite some time traveling this year, everywhere from cow/dairy farms in rural Australia:

To the bustling city of Singapore!

However, life can’t be all about fun and games and eventually you have to come back to reality. Or in my case, the laboratory!

So there you have it viewers! I hope you enjoyed following my documented experiences over the past year. No doubt the warm memories would not have been so well preserved had I not used redscale film! I simply cannot get enough of this stuff! So stay tuned for more redscale in the future!

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  1. litumai
    litumai ·

    great collection! which film did you use? how many stops back?

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