Move Your Arms To Write!


Burned out with your experiments with light painting and seeking alternatives? Why not try to draw with other tools, like your arms!

Credits: kylethefrench

Light painting is about using the long exposure mode to capture trails of light and create a ‘painting’ with these streaks, treated as brushstrokes. You can write, draw or do whatever you want! If you are tired of using a torch or flashlight from a mobile phone to draw, we’ve got a substitute!

Photos are taken from Amandine Alessandra

Why don’t we consider to drawing with our body parts? A London-based photographer and graphic designer, Amandine Alessandra, has created an Alphabet series with long exposure photographs and the continuous motion of her subject’s arms.

Photos are taken from Amandine Alessandra

Alessandra also makes use of apparel to highlight several body parts, so as to create an alphabet set with special visual effects! With different body movements, each letter is created.

Does this inspire you? Other than arms, fingers and legs can also be parts of the elements in your creative range! Let’s take the our Lomographers’ works as an example!

Credits: bxlomo

When you have no ideas of where to get inspiration, perhaps you can start with the most ordinary things, such as your body! It may give you unexpected results!

This article is inspired by an entry of Lost At E Minor

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