Achieving Lush Light Leaks on Your Holga 135bc or Holga 135

2012-09-10 2

When I bought my Holga 135bc, I was expecting some crazy results. After i got my first roll developed, i was happy with the quality but was disapointed to see that the whole roll had not one light leak! Here is one quick modification you can add to your Holga 135, or Holga 135bc!

What you need:

  • black electrical tape
  • a Holga 135bc or Holga 135
  • scissors
  • a roll of film

1) Start by opening the back of your Holga and taping it back down. Make sure to not tape it so tight that it closes. Once you have it taped, close the back (the tape might scrunch up a little) then open it again. If when you open it, the back opens but there are no visible cracks then you are good!

2) Close the back of the camera and take a picture! After you took the picture pop the back open for a few seconds. If you have done this right, then the top of the back should just be a crack open. Close the back and continue to shoot! You can use this techinque on all of your pictures, or only a select few!

3) Email me your results!

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  1. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    I'd advise against this. the light leak is uncontrollable unlike a Holga's characteristic pinhole light leak which gives a bright red. Chances are, you'll ruin the shot.

  2. tennisguy
    tennisguy ·

    Well isn't that whats great about it? Different colors and variety, yes I only got 18 out of 24 pictures, but 15 out of those 18 were awesome. So if you are shooting important pictures then this tipster is not for you.

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