Fancy Baking Your Own La Sardina?

2012-09-05 1

Miami-based mother and baker Marta Ebra, also known as Sugarcrush on Flickr, whipped up some analogue goodies for us to enjoy. She created some edible decorated cookies in the likeness of some of your favourite film cameras and the La Sardina Capri Bagni di Tiberio is one of them!

Photos via Sugarcrush and Lomography

Now here’s some analogue confection! Pastry chef Marta Ebra of Sugarcrush makes scrumptious sweets and she just happened to be inspired by film cameras one day. How adorable is her edible recreation of the La Sardina & Flash - Capri Bagni di Tiberio? She’s got it down to a pat, saccharine stripes, shutter, and all!

Photos via Sugarcrush

Among her other camera cookies are a Canon, Nikon, and red and blue TLRs! Pretty sweet, huh? Mrs. Sugarcrush herself said “I truly love what I’m doing, being a mommy, a crafter, and a baker!” And we love your adorable creations too!

If you’re feeling crafty but aren’t exactly a whiz in the kitchen, then the La Sardina DIY is for you! Check this custom camera out or try some of our other DIY projects!

Visit Sugarcrush and her Flickr for more info.

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