Taking Back Tipsters: Fun with Film for the Holidays

2012-12-06 1

Now that the Holiday season is upon us, we understand that most of us are now pressed to make those Christmas photos even more interesting and memorable. To the rescue, we have compiled a list of tipsters showing how you can have fun with film, especially at this time of the year!

Credits: adam_g2000

Shooting with Expired Film by adam_g2000

One of the very first things we find out in our lomographic adventures is how to play around with expired film. If you’ve given yourself an early Christmas treat and bought a bunch of expired films, check out this tipster to find out how you can shoot with them on your holiday trip!

Photo by cassidy

Protect Your Film from X-Ray Damage During Air Travel by cassidy

We’re sure many of you will be going out of town or out of the country, even, to relax and have a bit of adventure during the Yuletide season. So, while many baggage scanners are now film safe, you might want to find out how you can protect and safely handle them during travel, just to be sure!

Photo by dux_x

Sprocket Holes: 135 Film in a 120 Roll by dux_x and translated by monamarques

Thinking of taking cheerful Christmas scenes in sprockets? It’s effortless with the Sprocket Rocket and Spinner 360, but if you don’t have these Lomographic goodies yet, you can always try them with medium format cameras. Head over to this tipster to find out how you can do it with the protective backing of 120 films!

Photo by porkchopsandy

Do Doubles on Different Sides of Your Film! by porkchopsandy

This technique may be something unfamiliar to you, so this Christmas, why don’t you give yourself the gift of a new and interesting way to have fun with your film? Check out this tipster to find out how you can shoot on both sides of your film!

Photo by renenob

Redscale Technique: The Principle of Light Penetrability by renenob

Have you been shooting with redscale films but haven’t gotten the hang of them? This tutorial will let you explore more creative possibilities with your redscale film, which, by the way, is also perfect for the Yuletide Season as it paints cheerful golden hues on your photos!

Photos by hti

Dr. Lab Experiment One: Do the Dishwasher and Dr. Lab Experiment Two: Bleach & Shout - 50’s Effect and by hti

These amazing lab rat experiments have been tried and tested all over again by the community, so if you haven’t done so yet, now may be the perfect time! Who knows, maybe these experiments can flood your Holiday photos with crazy, funky colors!

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