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Here at Lomography Gallery Store Manchester, we love any excuse to get snapping! So when we found out that Manchester Pride 2012 was happening, we knew we had to get down there and see what it was all about. Colour everywhere, photography and a Parade? That was an opportunity too good to miss!

What: Manchester Pride Parade
Where: Princess Street Manchester
When: August 25th

Manchester Pride is the joining together of all different groups of people from different backgrounds and beliefs to celebrate and highlight awareness around the city of Manchester to the LGBTQ lifestyle.

However the fun doesn’t stop there, as we waited for the parade to start, there were crowds of people lining the streets of Manchester with a great anticipation for the parade, with smiles and excitement already showing on their faces. That’s when in the distance we heard the beat of a song slowly but surely making its way towards us. Suddenly the parade arrives and hits you; colour and people everywhere! Singing and dancing on floats covered in balloons, glitter and a wide variety of different bubble machines.

The great thing about it is the crowd involvement and how from the start to the very beginning you feel as if you too are a part of the parade, the audience participation really makes the parade that little bit more exciting. Teamed with our LC-Wide we knew we were ready to perfectly capture the colour and celebration in all Its wide angled goodness.

This was a photo opportunity just waiting to happen that we grabbed hold of with both hands and fun was definitely had by all! See you all there next year? We know we’ll be back next year for sure!

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