Benja Harney's Paper Passion


We’ve all played around with paper when we were young. We folded them, colored them and even glued them together. Some people even take it to the next level and make origami. But Benja Harney has taken paper art into an even higher level. He is someone we can call a paper engineer.

Based in Sydney, Benja Harney taught himself anything and everything about the paper world. His artworks are so beautiful and complex that you wouldn’t think it was made of plain paper. He has engineered a number of high-end pop-up books and paper constructions for the past six years. His latest masterpiece is currently on display at the Queen Victoria Building.

Harney decorated the central dome of the building with colorful paper sculptures of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and bees. Check it out!

Photos by Pages Digital

Check out his other awesome projects in his portfolio.

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