Hot Summer Day...Why Not Go Sailing?


Copenhagen Harbor, especially the new promenade at Islands Brygge offers a veritable throng of bikini babes and pumped testosterone bombs of young men. Electronic music fills the air, skin glistens, and some people take a dive into the blue waves.

Summer has not been very good this year in Denmark but we had some good weeks. Luckily for me and my boyfriend, our friend Rune and some other guys bought a small “boat” to cruise the waters of the Copenhagen Harbor.

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When invited on such a trip you do not say ‘no’. The sun was shining, the beers were cold, and the mood was high when we sailed off in the proud vessel called “Sausage” or “Pølse” in Danish.

Credits: m22509075

I have never been out in a boat in the Copenhagen harbor or the channels, and of course I saw it as my chance of getting some (hopefully) great shots with my Nikkormat FTn.

And I think it went pretty well – the feel of the pictures is much like the sweet memory of feeling the soft breeze on my face, and the burn of the sun on my skin. It was a great day.

Credits: m22509075

When we docked at Island Brygge, the air was filled with music coming from the boats, sure to make “Sausage” small and indifferent. The rich kids in their parents motorboats were controlling the promenade and bikini babes competed for their attention.

Credits: m22509075

We hung around for a little while but then decided to run for the hills (or head home for some barbecue in Rune’s backyard).

Ahoy Sailor, over and out!

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