Catching Summer Vibes at the Southern Shore of Lake Balaton


Are you still longing for a fresh summer cocktail with your best friends, filled with sunshine, lots of swimming, some chilling and exploring, and a healthy dose of pálinka, Hungary’s national pride? Then you should start packing your bags right away and book yourself that last-minute ticket to Lake Balaton!

Back in July, I took my lightest summer clothes and my eight best friends to a lovely summer house in Siófok – at the Southern shore of Hungary’s Lake Balaton – for one whole week of perfect summer vibes.

As the weather in Belgium was as always, not what one expects it to be in the midst of summer, first thing we did was some serious sunbathing and water splashing, of course. Lots of diverse ingredients entered some variation in these two main activities, like fresh cocktails, funny water bicycles, several swan gatherings, and some fishing with bare hands.

As Siófok is described by Hungarians not only as “the capital of Balaton” but also as “Hungary’s capital in summer” due to its non-stop parties, we decided to go and check if these name tags are appropriate indeed. We took a dive into Siófok’s crazy nightlife and we sure liked it. If you’re not convinced by words only, check out these pictures of some awesome party nights:

Because even chilling, swimming, and partying becomes boring after a while, we rented two cars and drove along the banks of the lake in search of some beautiful sights and peaceful spots to hang out. Our quest was successful, as we ended up taking some shots of these amazing places:

We discovered the most precious little cemetery in a small village called Kötce, nearby Balatonszárszó (quite the tongue twister, I know). The graves were embellished with some plastic flowers, so they would not die and leave the graves all grey. One of my girlfriends has a heart of gold and she spread the flowers in such a way that on every grave would lay at least one flower.

It felt somehow inappropriate at first to take a break and relax for a moment at that beautiful, small cemetery, but the place was so peaceful that we decided to take it all in for a moment.

Lake Balaton, it’s a little bit of everything!

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