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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is about every child and child-at-heart’s building dream come true: “Brickfair 2012: LEGO Fans Unite!” by 110isnotdead from Ohio. Take a closer look at the annual plastic brick convention in DC, documented in film by our community member, featuring tiny toy people and all!

Photos by 110isnotdead

“When I think about LEGOs, I get transported to a time when I was a kid and played with them. For Christmas or my birthday, there were few better gifts than a big LEGO set. Fast forward to several years, I’m in my twenties, have a job, and although I haven’t forgotten about my beloved construction toys, I have moved on. Enter Brickfair. Suffice to say, it was a little slice of awesomeness.”

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We picked this article because LEGO nostalgically brings us back to the familiar yet farflung era known as our childhood—just like film photography! Memories of youthful days spent sprawled on the floor with the Danish building blocks, making all sorts of colorful structures and storylines involving small yellow characters, it was a technical playtime activity as it was a creative one. There’s definitely a parallelism between these beloved toys and toy camera analogue photography, enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

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