Delightful Diana F+ Clone Deals!


Ever wanted one of those Diana F+ Clones? Better make a dash to the Online Shop now – for one week only they are available at the price of the original Diana F+ Camera!

With so many designs and colors to choose from, it’s going to be tough to pick just one! Whether you prefer a classic all black design or a touch of the exotic, the different Diana F+ Clones have you covered. Which one’s your favorite?

Diana F+ Black Jack
Diana F+ Colette
Diana F+ Sahara

Deluxe Bundles are also available at a reduced price. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss this deal!

Diana F+ Edelweiss Deluxe Kit
Diana F+ Take My Heart Deluxe Kit
Diana F+ Cai Guo Qiang Deluxe Kit

This offer is valid in the Online Shop until 9th September 2012 and in Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide until 2nd September 2012. Hurry and take your pick!

Visit the Diana F+ Site | Diana F+ Clone Deluxe Kit

The Diana F+ is a camera chameleon. There’s an edition to complement any personality. Meet your Diana match in our Shop now!

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