1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival!


There are usually numerous packages provided by travel agencies. You’d choose an appropriate package according to your needs. If you’re an Art lover, there’s a package, organized by the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia, that can satisfy your desire!

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This travel package ,entitled “Malaysia, Your New Art Tourism Destination”, is used to attract more foreigners to join several art festivals in Malaysia! 1MCAT is probably one of them!

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1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival (1MCAT), a large-scale international art exhibition, was first organized in 2010! It was popular not only locally but also internationally and gained a reception of 42,000 visitors! With more of Malaysia’s States participating this year, exhibitions and events are also held in several shopping malls too.

Photos are taken from Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Let’s take a look of the pictures on the launching of 1MCAT!

This three-month long festival brings different talented artists together as well as some notables.Suhaimi Fadzir, a fusion artist, is one of the participants! He also thinks that different exhibitions can motivate the young to fight for a career in contemporary art. Not only does the festival boost the economy of the country, but it also provides a platform for young artists to showcase their works to the world! More opportunities are given, and more local artists can pursue their dreams!

Through the package, people may also be able to visit artists’ studios, or attend art talks and exhibitions! Promoting the local art culture can provide young artists opportunities and let the others know more about art happenings in the society.

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