Now you can have Straps in your Sprocket Rocket!

2012-09-03 12

Have you ever wanted to put a strap on your Sprocket Rocket and find out there’s no right place to put it? I tried to place a strap at the bottom of the Sprocket (in the eye that screws into the tripod) but that just didn’t work for me as the camera would hang upside down and that’s not cool. So I came up with this idea to put elastics around the body of the Sprocket and then clip the 2 sides of the strap there. Simple.

So here’s what you should do if you want a strap in your Sprocket Rocket without having the camera hanging upside down from your neck…

What you will need:

  • Needle
  • Sew line
  • Scissors
  • Standard elastic strap (I used 6.5mm). Don’t use a strap too large so the counter of the number of frames isn’t covered. Maybe hair elastics would work too.
  • Some old camera strap, or a neck card holder, or one of those strings for glasses. If you don’t have any of it any kind of string will do.

Step 1

First you need to cut the elastic strap to fit the body of the Sprocket like in the picture bellow. Assuming your Sprocket has the same body has mine, it’s about 19cm. Make two of these.

Step 2

Then you have to sew the ends of each strap. You should have two circles kind of hair elastics by now. You can even try to make this with hair elastics if they fit well to the Sprocket body – if they do then just jump to step 3.

Step 3

Now you are going to sew together both elastics like in the picture. Do it sewing together in the places you sew before so it’s not very Frankenstein like… Well, at least if you are like me and don’t sew very well…

Step 4

Now it’s almost done! Dress up your Sprocket with this kind of vest you just made…

Step 5

Strap what you want to it. It’s better to be a strap with 2 ends so the Sprocket can hang properly from your neck. Try to find any lost or not used strap from a old camera, or a neck card holder, or anything you can use to this… Or make one of your own, imagination is welcome!

You have to remove the elastics to change films, but they are elastics so it’s very easy to remove and put on again.

And that’s it! Simple, isn’t it? I’m sure even if you think you can’t sew, you can learn how to do it and (trust me) you don’t even have to sew very well for this!

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  1. timbolionfilm
    timbolionfilm ·

    Fantastic tutorial! I am very excited to try this out on my own Sprocket Rocket - it looks like a success story though! I have a also tried the Tripod solution along with a strap, but to my avail, as you say, it hangs on you neck too loose and is the wrong way round. So I'll see how this goes :D

  2. analogdisplay
    analogdisplay ·

    I would need one for my LC-A, any tips anyone?

  3. anamachado
    anamachado ·

    timbolionfilm: Thank you so much :)
    analogdisplay: I have no idea, I was about to suggest to try something similar to this, but it doesn't have a very large lens so I don't know if it would stay in place... Good luck!

  4. timbolionfilm
    timbolionfilm ·

    @analogdisplay Try this Tipster - it does not use the same technique, but it looks fairly easy to do and worth a go (:…

  5. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Hey, not a bad idea...but honestly what we REALLY need is for LSI to get with the program and give us real strap lugs on the Sprocket Rocket and LC-A. ;)

  6. cynthiaj
    cynthiaj ·

    Thanks for the tip. Will have to try this out!

  7. pearlmsqueaks
    pearlmsqueaks ·

    I made mine tonight. I modified the design and used colorful elastic headbands like these.… Yellow looks neat on the teal sprocket rocket. I also made my own strap with crazy fabric. Icarus13 and I are going to try this design for his Argus A, so far it looks like it will work.

  8. analogdisplay
    analogdisplay ·

    @timbolionfilm Thank you so much, I'll try it out, doesn't look good but might work quite well!

  9. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    Quite sure this would work on most cameras

  10. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    Quite sure this would work on most cameras

  11. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    Quite sure this would work on most cameras

  12. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    Quite sure this would work on most cameras

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