Diana's New Family Member: Diana Baby 110 Camera


Have you ever thought of having your camera in your pocket? It is an interchangeable lens camera, which uses film, and has a simple design. Here is is, the brand new member of the Diana camera family. Meet the Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera!

Lomography has given birth to a new member of Diana’s Family. It’s tinier and Simpler than the Diana Mini, so it’s fit to put in your pocket. It makes the Diana Baby the best camera to bring in your trip.

The color and design is still same with the Blue and Black color like the Diana and the Diana Mini.But the difference is that you can shoot with 2 choices of lenses: 24mm for the wonderful square format, or 12mm for an amazing wide square shot. The functional side is not tiny as its size. You still can shoot in Normal (N) Mode or Bulb (B) Mode. Also, you can shoot multiple exposures.

You can even simply use the Diana Baby’s PC Flash Connector to attach a PC Flash Adaptor cable and any hot-shoe flash to lighten up your photos.

So, What are you waiting for? Just Visit Lomography Shop and Complete your Diana’s Family member. :)

written by arydwiaji on 2012-09-04 #gear #review #review-diana-baby-110-camera

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