Nickelodeon Photoblaster: 4 Times the Film & the Fun!

2012-09-03 3

Using this camera is almost as easy as watching Nickelodeon cartoons. Just load in your film, pop in two AA batteries, slide open the lens cover and shoot.

When I say shoot, I really mean shoot… A lot! It will seem like forever getting through one roll of film on this camera, especially if you are shooting a 36-exposure roll of film(144 shots). Or you can lighten the load a bit by shooting 96 shots on a 24-exposure roll. Either way, the end results will please you.

Unlike the Action Sampler, this point and shoot camera will take one photo covering one fourth of the frame each time the giant red shutter button is pressed. Before seeing the results of my first roll, I aimed to take my photos in bunches so I could get a good amount of them on the same frame. After roll 3 I stopped caring about that, and just shot whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. You could always digitally stitch your four favorite pictures together later.

The flash does a good job powered by 2 AA batteries. Slide the lens cover open and the Photoblaster will determine if a flash is needed or not. Surprisingly, the flash cycles pretty fast. However I noticed on a dusk evening the sensor will gather enough light to decide the flash doesn’t need to be used leaving you with an underexposed shot. The exposure counter is big and divided into four numbers from 1, 48, 96 and 144 with hash marks in between giving you a better idea to where your shot count is at.

Accidental double exposures. The double-exposures came from lending a couple friends that had been drinking a chance to shoot some pictures. They didn’t advance the film the right way…. I don’t recommend doing this, but i can’t really blame them at the same time. Although the pictures look cool.

So far I have only used 400 film and it works perfectly with the flash for shots that are taken indoors and outside during the night. I really haven’t taken much shots during the day, but the few I have taken seem to be okay.

The build quality is entirely plastic. It feels good in your hand, but I’m afraid one drop to a hard surface can really do some damage to this thing. Praying to the camera gods that I will never see that day come.

Overall this has to be my favorite camera out of them all. I love everything about it! It is simple, wacky looking camera that will turn some heads and throw a number of questions your way. When you have a camera that looks like this it really brings out the fun side in everyone. Nobody will take you seriously, and I love how that results in the pictures.

As far as availability goes, I was fortunate enough to find one on eBay. They don’t float around on eBay for long; so if you see one, get it! If you can’t find a Photoblaster the Go Photo Inc. X-Treme Pix Quad Shot Camera (Amazon) has all the same features that the Photoblaster does, but it just comes in a different plastic molding. In my opinion it doesn’t look as cool or hold the nostalgic character that comes with the Photoblaster. It’s also over two times the price then the current market price for a Photoblaster on eBay.

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    Aw maaan I really want one o' these!

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    This looks awesome! Do want, ha.

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