AGFA PRO 200 35mm Expired: A Reliable Film in Daylight but Beware of the Shadows!


I recently happened to try the expired AGFA PRO 200 35mm. The results were convincing for the daytime shots in full sun, but a little bit disappointing for pics taken in low light or at night!

I happened to try twice the expired AGFA PRO 200 35mm film. Both times I tested my Fisheye One that I carry with me very often because of its ease and speed of use! I used the film in different situations: during the day with the sun, in the day with shadows, in the evening outdoors, in the evening indoors, with and without flash. The results were very different!

My final judgment is this: it is a film that, despite its 200 iso, needs a lot of light during the day, so it is best to leave the camera flash always on, even during the day. I do not recommend its use for the evening unless it is in long exposure B mode photographs or pictures with flash and very closely (with the fisheye remember that you can get close to the subject at a distance of about 30 cm. ).

Here are my results “varied”:

Day with lots of sun, no flash!

Outdoors, twilight, the same photo with and without flash!

In a closed environment, the same photo with and without flash!

Indoors with flash!

Outdoors, at night, at some distance from the subject, with the flash!

In summary: very reliable during the day and in full sun, however risky its use in low-light situations like twilight or evening.

written by cryboy on 2012-09-05 #gear #agfa-expired-200-35-pro-lomography-flash-sun-light #review

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