A New and Awesome Semester at Monash University, Malaysia

Thinking of a university in Malaysia? Want an australian education in the heart of Malaysia? Why not join Monash Universiy Sunway Campus, Malaysia?

Credits: xephryrus

Monash University Sunway Campus is the best place to be if you want an Australian degree but not willing to pay a ton of money for fees. I recommend any Malaysian to study in Monash University Malaysia not only because of the cheaper fees we have to pay but for other reasons, like the courses offered in Monash Malaysia:

Monash University Sunway Campus consists of six schools. School of Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Science.

Credits: xephryrus

The fun orientation games and trips they organize for every new student.

The facilities, like the library and fun beanie study areas.
The awesome (but pricey) accommodations offered.

Most importantly, going to a university means meeting new friends. But not just any normal friends, LomoFriends!

Credits: xephryrus

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