Rosy Redscales: The Train Station of Como San Giovanni

2012-09-07 3

An urban adventure a few hundred meters away from my home with some redscale photos taken in the main train station of Como.

Sometimes, you can find an interesting subject very near to your home. You need to keep you eyes open and walk slowly in search of some interesting details. With a dose of creativity, you can make a reportage of already known corners of your city in a different way. For this reason, I used a Fujicolor 200 film to make my first redscale roll. You only need a darkroom or a changing bag to rewind a roll with the emulsion side outwards.

Credits: sirio174

The main train station in Como is dedicated to San Giovanni (St. John), in remembrance of an antique monastery built in 1220. St. John was the oldest and most prestigious burial place for the nobility of Como in the Middle Age.

Credits: sirio174

The station is located on the important railway line linking Italy with Germany and Switzerland (passing through the Gotthard tunnel), allowing you to go from Como (or Milan) to Zurich in a few hours.

Credits: sirio174

Another line links the eastern and western side of Como Lake, with a service of diesel trains from Como to Lecco.

Credits: sirio174

At the station, you can also find some locomotives used to compose trains or move wagons, which are interesting to photograph.

Credits: sirio174

Leaving the station, I photographed the parking lot for buses and a parking lane for bicycles.

Credits: sirio174

A staircase leads you towards the city center.

Credits: sirio174

All these photos were taken with a Praktica MLT 5 camera and exposing the film at 50 ISO speed. Remember: when you use a DIY redscale film, its important to overexpose one or two stops in respect to the nominal sensitivity!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    That was a very nice project.

  2. ovonovo
    ovonovo ·

    beautiful pictures !

  3. litumai
    litumai ·

    really pretty pics!

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