Turn your Diana into a Surreal Machine -- The 20mm Fisheye Lens

2012-09-05 1

If you wish to have an entirely new photographic experience with your Diana, buy this lens.

The 20mm Fisheye Lens was the last in my collection of Diana objectives. I very rarely find myself in situations when I seriously need that extremely large angle of view. Of course, most Lomographers do not use the Fisheye seriously – but for the funny effect of the distortion. So far, I was not be able to catch this thread, but I did not want my collection to be incomplete.

It is a pretty decent objective. It is very well built and massive, there is a transparent layer of plastic in front the actual lens. Of course, it has an enormous depth of field, so catching the right focus is never really an issue; it draws beautiful pictures with many details – maybe it gives a bit less of the genuine “Diana” feel. It can be very well used with the original and the 35mm back – with the latter it is excellent to capture more in confined spaces – of course, with enormous distortions, but sometimes it is a price that simply has to be paid. Natuarally, you can get the typical, rounded pictures only with 120 mm negatives. If you want to double the fun, the circular format works excellently along with the Ringflash.

One thing is for certain: it not only expands your Diana – it turns into an entirely other camera. It creates a surrealistic world made only of curves – helps to see even the most familiar things totally differently.

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  1. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    I have this lens for my Diana, I love it.

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