Insadong and the Lomography Redscale Film


Fall of last year, I loaded my Diana Mini with Lomography’s redscale film and took photos of Insadong. The result gave me different expressions compared to color negative film, it was sort of a special experience to see the world in a different way.

Traditional Korean masks

When you first think of Insadong, there is an image that comes to mind, for example, tradition, people, busy market, and so on. With this in mind and when the feeling/expressions of Lomography’s redscale met, it created an image that I never expected. With my Diana Mini, I walked around Samzi Street (also in Insadong) and took photos, which, as a result, came out to be sort of “washed out memories” of someone or the special feeling that you get when you use redscale.

Fish-like light
House in the sky (sort of…)-MX

When I think about Insadong, the first thing that comes to mind is Samzigil, I walked through the building and here and there released the shutter, and also enjoyed MX.

Stairs and MX

Multi-exposure to make the fourth dimensional world, and Insadong, the place makes you feel home with Korea’s local culture. If you are someone who regard Insadong as what you’ve read or heard about it, maybe these images will refresh your memory on how it’s really like to be there.

written by snailish on 2012-09-04 #places #location #urban-adventures #redscale #mx #diana-mini #insadong #samji-street
translated by snailish

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