Van Gogh's World of Colors


Who knows colors better than Vincent van Gogh? If you’ve ever seen van Gogh’s paintings, you would agree that he had a talent for color mixing. Rumor says that he even had a box of different-colored yarn he played with and literally weaved them together to see how the color combinations would look when put into paint. But another rumor is going around saying that van Gogh was color blind. Check out the gossip after the jump!

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Japanese vision expert, Kazunori Asada, attempted to replicate van Gogh’s works of art in a way that it would be perceived by colorblind people. As he examined the original work with the reproduced work, he was taken aback to find that they were not that different at all. In some cases, Asada agrees that the colorblind reproduction was actually better.

Asada is actually stating that van Gogh is a protanope, which means that he sees no perceptible difference between red, orange, yellow, and green. Here are a couple of comparisons. The left image is the original image and the right one is the colorblind reproduction. Perhaps there are a couple of colorblind Lomographers here that can shed some light into this theory?

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If van Gogh was really color blind, would you say that it was a good thing? It might have been his advantage when it comes to painting. Similar to the way a blind person’s sense of hearing improves as compensation, van Gogh’s colorblindness made him use paint colors that matched how the world looked like to him. Either way, his artworks are still magnificent pieces that mesmerizes anybody’s color senses!

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