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We now introduce you to anarchy, one of the Lomography community’s most active Lomographers! What’s behind the name? What’s his personal Lomography slogan? Thanks to sugiyamasatomi who picked him for this interview, we’ll get to know him a little better!

With over 2,000 photos uploaded to his home, you can say that anarchy is one of the community’s most active Lomographers! Read on to find out more about him, the story behind his username, his first Lomographic encounter, among other interesting tidbits, with this interview!

Please tell me who you are!
Konnichiwa, Satomi! I’m Andreas, born and raised in a city not far from Stockholm (Sweden), currently living in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. I’ve had a number of different jobs ranging from telemarketing to high school teacher, right now I’m working at a small firm shooting video and creating interactive web applications. My goal in life is to have fun (I work to live not the other way around) so I try to travel to exciting places around the world whenever I can and develop my interest in photography and music as much as possible. Age to me is something very abstract. For instance, when I walk the stairs up to my apartment or when I wake up with a terrible hangover I feel like a hundred years old, but when I run around town with my cameras I’m transported back to a time when I was 7-12 years old traveling around Europe with my family and my trusted Agfamatic 110-format camera always in hand. I try to stay under the radar of Big Brother, unfortunately the sneaky bastards managed to register my birth one frosty morning back in 1980 so I guess my age is not a secret.

I love your username (Anarchy). Unlike my username (which is just my full name!), it gives me an idea of who you are. Please tell me how you came up with your username!

Thanks! Ever since I was a kid I’ve lived on the edge of what’s considered acceptable by mainstream society. Rules are meant to be tested and bent, I believe that’s what brings a society forward. We must never stop to question the morals and standards thrown at us, life is multi-dimensional and not as black and white as the leaders wants us to believe. Anarchy is not an ideology, it can be whatever you want it to be, to me it’s an attitude, a thumb in the eye of church and state and a way to express myself. It’s something that’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

How did you discover Lomography, and what was your first Lomographic camera?
I actually got my first Lomographic camera sometime in 1998 or 1999. It was an Lomography Actionsampler that my sister bought at a design store for my birthday. I was so excited about the camera that I completely forgot about the accompanying book and Lomographic fliers, but when I got the first roll back from the lab it was completely blank and the camera ended up in a box in my basement. Several years later, in 2006, my boss from work called me on the phone and he was very excited about this crazy camera called ‘Orbit 360’ that he had ordered from a funky webshop in Vienna. I aimed my web browser towards the Lomography website and found a picture of the Actionsampler, a camera that I had completely forgotten about a long time ago. The rest of that evening and night I spent browsing all the microsites and endless Lomohomes.. The sample shots and galleries totally blew me away to say the least. The big question now was where to start? The Horizon was a real beauty, the red and gold Seagull TLR caught my attention as well but eventually my decision was in favor of the mysterious Lomo LC-A. The instant I clicked the ‘Buy Now’ button I unleashed an addiction far more severe than any chemical substance I’ve ever experienced, the euphoria of using and abusing film, the horrors of going cold turkey, the mind constantly centered around taking another photograph, always searching for new cameras and film emulsions to get that much needed fix.

What is your Lomographic slogan?

Shoot or be shot!

What does Lomography mean to you?
Lomography is much like the dreams I dream moments before waking up, translated into time it’s a matter of seconds but feels like an eternity and the ending is always around the next corner. A Lomographic snapshot is over in a second but the results are timeless and the dream lives on forever…

What are your top 3 rules when taking pictures?

Well, this a bit difficult because I’m firm believer in the ‘no rules’ rule, but I’ll give it a try.
  • A different perspective – I try to view subjects at different angles than I normally would.
  • Get drunk – Vodka is a great source of inspiration.
  • Experiment – Always try new things, never stagnate.

If your cameras were women, which one would you date? Why? What would her name be? And what is her favorite food?
I’ve already confessed my unconditional love for the Horizon Kompakt in the Horizon Experiences rumble, but I’m not monogamous when it comes to photography and my cameras are not particulary jealous of each other so I think I can come clean and tell you about my new love, my mistress, my Kiev 88 – Katyusha! She’s a bit on the heavy side, but makes up for it in flexibility and affordable accessories. I met her this summer in a picturesque little village on the west coast, untainted and ready to be swept away by this knight in shining armor. It was indeed a romantic moment I tell you. So far she’s been on a rather thin diet of Lucky SDH and Agfa RSX-II slide (I don’t want her to blow up completely), but as soon as we both feel a bit more mature about our relationship we’ll move onto more advanced pleasures.

Katyusha says she wants to go see the world. Which country would you like to go with her? Why?

I’ve promised Katyusha the world, the moon and the stars… I think we’ll start off with USA, in fact a trip to New York is already being planned for March/April next year. I think she’ll enjoy the Big Apple considering she’s super-sized and all. Equipped with her enormous Zodiak fisheye lens she’ll be able to transfer the whole city into six-by-six squares for the two of us to keep.

Which moment in the past you really wish you could go back with Katyusha to capture on film?
With the option of going back to any historic moment in time the possibilites are endless and make this question a tad bit complicated. I would have loved to follow Jimi Hendrix or Frank Zappa on tour in the late 60’s, but if I stick to my own past I’d definitely go back to one of the tours I did with my band when I was still active as a musician. The last tour we did took us through 11 different European countries over a months time and we had some crazy moments that I wish I could’ve shared with Katyusha.

What is your goal as a Lomographer?
My goal as a Lomographer is to never stand still, always keep on moving, forwards and sideways, sometimes even backwards. The moment I feel I’ve done everything there is to do is the moment I move on to something else, let’s hope that never happens, at least not for a very long time! Finally I wish to thank you a lot for this chat, Satomi. It’s been a real pleasure answering your questions!

Thank you, Andreas, for such wonderful stories! Katyusha is a lucky girl ;)

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