A Brief Visit to San Jose University

2012-09-04 2

My first visit to the United States was a customer visit: I was flying around and visited small towns for very short periods of time – almost without any opportunities for sightseeing, and with very few sights to see. I was able to spend a few days only in San Jose, and while wondering in Downtown, I ran into the university.

Credits: trychydts

While as a European, I was not entirely comfortable with the layout of American cities – but when I stepped under the entrance arches of the university, I almost felt like home. This was a friendly, cozy place to study, have a chat, and walk around.

Credits: trychydts

The university is a complex structure in many ways. It is not just a huge open space surrounded by buildings – it is divided into several pieces with it’s own distinct atmosphere by the greenery, walls, and the buildings themselves. The university has a sports stadium – something very uncommon in Hungary.

What made the campus even more exciting to me are the variety of architecture. Some buildings have a real classical feel – others have an “ultra-modern” style which was in fashion a few decades ago; others were built for pure functionality. There are also a few statues around – making the place even more unique and loveable.

But what I liked the best – the university police has absolutely no problem with me taking photos. They acknowledged my presence and went on without saying a word. In Hungary, universities – public and private ones alike – are real hysterical about anyone taking photos in their premises.

Credits: trychydts

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  1. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    I was a student here for many years. I love the campus, and I'm happy as a local resident you found its charm too! ^_^ Recently, the Student Union has been under huge renovations (they've torn down a few buildings next to it, and have begun to build a new amphitheater and a connecting building), but in a couple years it should be even more beautiful!

  2. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    I am glad you liked the artcle and thank you very much for your comment. It is always extremely nice to have some feedback on my articles from someone who is really familiar with the place.

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