A New Form Of Fireworks

2012-09-04 5

During a fireworks display, we can hear people acclaiming and see the sky being light up. David Johnson, like other photographers, wants to capture such precious moments with their cameras. But what he did is slightly different to the others. We’ll let you in to the show-stopping surprise after the jump!

Photo is taken from Davey J Photo

Normally, our default photo-mode would be “long exposure” so that we may capture the fireworks’ long trails across the sky. David Johnson, a Canadian photographer, was at the International Fireworks Show in early August and decided to take pictures of the fireworks with a new method.

Photos are taken from Davey J Photo

Before revealing his method to you, let’s take a look at the pictures! Are they flowers? Or deep sea creatures? No! Trust your eyes, they’re just normal fireworks! So how did he achieve this?

Johnson purposely sets his camera out of focus at the beginning, then when fireworks explode, he refocuses the camera quickly and it is done! Doesn’t it sound simple? But for the amateur, we need to be aware of timing, which is essential!

Credits: lordlarry, mandashitley, blackbyrd, judi7h & lawypop

In Johnson’s pictures, fireworks don’t look like what photos of them general do! His kaleidoscopic depictions are a new way for us to enjoy pyrotechnics. For all Lomographers out there, you can also be this innovative! Multiple exposures? Fisheye framing? Panoramas? It can be whatever you want! Don’t ask, but go out and do! Share the world through your eyes and experiments with others!

Inspiration of the article is from a entry of The Couch Sessions

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Very good idea! I need to try that.

  2. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @bsdunek Remember to share your works with us on LomoHome!

  3. feeqajamal
    feeqajamal ·

    ahhhhh they turn out so pretty! i will be sure to try this out. :D

  4. sapphire-st
    sapphire-st ·


  5. 54070
    54070 ·

    Should have known this a bit earlier!! Cuz summer, when is the firework season in Japan is almost over. Need to wait for one year to try this...But this is really good idea.

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