Calle Realle


So much I have seen from this famous street that I have heard this name since 3 years of age.

Kalye Realle stretches mostly from the brinks of Gaisano City mall down to Fort San Pedro. In this street also lies the Provincial Capitol. It is famous since most of the local sellers can be found here stretching their territories even though government and police officers had made a big “bawal” or prohibition about them. Well, we can never blame people selling cheap items such as second-hand phones or any class A sneakers.

Anyway, here passes the most conduit jeepney. The main item here is the Plazoleta Gay, which was also a celebrated icon for democracy during the roaring 80’s. I’ve also read in my textbook during high school that Rizal passed by this place on his way to Dapitan and bought some native hats along the kalye which was once a famous street for barters and domestic sales.

A little turn on the left could lead you to an endless view of the Iloilo River in which you can line down to the mouth of the river. This street proves its indicative statement of being the most busiest street here in Iloilo City. No one could ever find such busy place unlike Kalye Realle.

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  1. stouf
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    Beautiful and interesting gallery ! Very lomo !

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