Homemade Splitzer for La Sardina


So, the other day while I was enjoing the photos made with the Splitzer, I’ve got an idea how to do this device at home, using improvised materials only.

Those pictures are the most inspiring ones.

This is what you need to create your own splitzer:

  • 35mm film canisters with the cap
  • knife/scissors
  • duct tape/ adhesive tape

1. Make the half-round hole in the cap (or anything what you can imagine);
2. Cut the top part of 35mm film canister (7-8 mm);

3. Make two holes on the opposite sides of a ring that we’ve just got, closer to wide part (we’ll attach wide part of ring to camera and thin part to cap so it’ll screw easy). Do the holes so you can slide the scotch tape througn it.
4. Slide the tape through each hole with it’s sticky side downward, then fold and stick together.
5. Set the ring on the lens;
6. Attach with duct tape;

Splitzer is ready!

That’s what you get:

Credits: amkatya

written by amkatya on 2012-09-07 #gear #tutorials #diy #splitzer #accessories #tipster #handicraft #camera-modification #la-sardina
translated by alegshzhka


  1. liliac
    liliac ·

    nice photos too!

  2. wraithsound
    wraithsound ·

    well done, awesome results

  3. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Ive done splitzer for my Holga 120, but i rather still confused. How do you get the other image upside down? U rotate the camera?

    Eg. I use splitzer to cover the top portion. Den i all i need is to rotate the camera without movng the splitzer? Im trying to make my images like the 1st image above.

  4. alegshzhka
    alegshzhka ·

    1. take a photo
    2. rotate the camera and move your splitzer on the other side
    hope it helps you, good luck!)

  5. nonfrenchiguess
    nonfrenchiguess ·

    this is pretty brilliant. thank you

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