Decorative Panorama Wall


You’ve got some shots which fit perfectly together as a panorama? You have some free space in your room for Lomography? You have some time left? So, this tipster is perfect for you!

A nice decoration for your room, in the style of Lomography.

When I went back from my trip to France, I’ve taken some shots at the seaside at Nice. When I got my shots back from the lab, I was thinking of what to do with the photographs. I tryed to shoot the photos like a panorama, and stick them togehter afterwards. So here’s a Quickie Tipster on how to do your very own panoramic decoration.

Difficulty: Low ;)

First of all, you only need a few things:

  • Some shots wich have panoramic potential
  • Lomography Photo Clips
  • Glue or adhesive tape
  • Maybe some free space ;)

Step 1:
Choose some of your photos, depending on how much free space you’ve got. I’ve chosen 6 Photos from my daytrip at Nice.

Step 2:
Start glueing or taping your photos together. A tip for you: tape them on both sides, backside and front, otherwise the corners of your photos will stick out.

Step 3:
Take out your Photo Clips and put them together. Every bag contains clear 2D and orange 3D Fotoclips, empowering you to create unlimited constructions of your own beautiful Lomographs! So this Lomography Accesoire is perfect for our Project!

Step 4:
Search for some space for your beautiful Panorma!

The Lomography Photo Clips are perfect for building vivid hanging LomoCurtains, robust free-standing LomoCastles, and dazzling mounted LomoMosaics! Used correctly, and in the right dosage, these LomographicMagic widgets will engulf you in astonishment and dramatically change your life.

written by guinastrapazi on 2012-09-03 #gear #tutorials #diy #panorama #tipster #decoration #clips #quick-tipster

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