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The intrinsic connection between strawberries and Britain is around to stay. In this post I’ll show you how a complete lack of culinary skill is not always a hindrance when it comes to cooking with strawberries – as long as you’re also armed with a camera and some film…

Is there anything more British than a strawberry?

To answer that question – yes. After all, there is of course Her Majesty, Beefeaters, Wimbledon, the mighty Bradley Wiggins, and Gin.

BUT put those aside for a second and look at this – nothing politely announces British Summertime more appropriately than a juicy red strawb, snowed under by sugar. Or a scone peppered with juicy sultanas, decadent whipped cream – and of course oozings of syrupy jam.

Photo via mapix

Unfortunately, cooking ain’t my bag babaaaay, so as my Cityslicker contributions are becoming increasingly more often a monthly post about how fantastic it is to be British and own a Diana Mini, I have made this month’s an ode to the Great British Strawberry.

If the advice is “Eat breakfast like a King”, then the task for this Tipster was to completely re-imagine the strawberry and give it a Mediterranean feel, by pairing it with Greek yoghurt, and an apple from the urban orchard. Of one tree. Belonging to my landlord. The strawberry jam made an excellent replacement for the absent (and probably much more fitting) honey, but seeing as there was none in the cupboards at home…

A breakfast fit for a King it ain’t, but I wonder of the Queen has ever thought about a naughty bit of strawberry on toast? All those cucumber sandwiches must get dull. The Diana Mini’s dreamy exposures perfectly depict the alfresco brunch, with an ornate iron table giving stylings of nineteenth century Britain , and imaginings of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden.

Now, I’m not going to lie here and say that I saw this fantastic recipe for ‘Strawberries paired with toast’ in Jamie’s latest recipe book and thought I’d give it a go. It was more that the only available ingredients at home were some strawberry jam, granary bread and I multiplied the two. Strawberry squared (on toast), if you will.

However, if you wish to re-create this patriotic platter, then just follow these simple steps:
1. Pick apple

2. Wash apple. You never know what sort of nasties might be crawling around in yur would-be brunch.

3. Peel, core and chop apple. Add with yoghurt, granola, chopped strawberries and all-important Strawberry Jam for the Mediterranean-British Breakfast

4. Using the remainder of the chopped strawberries and jam, spread lavishly on granary toast

5. Don’t forget to keep snapping!

6. Failing that, and if your strabwerries squared doesn’t work out (or actually taste very nice), then luckily, living in London there probably will be sme sort of delicious deli down the road. Mine is handily placed in Kentish Town – an amazing Middle Eastern cafe and store, with Baklava piled high in the window.

Strawberry, what strawberry?

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