Beautiful Coffee Cup Art by Cheeming Boey


Before you throw away that used coffee cup in the trash bin, take a look first at the amazing art a Malaysian artist has been making with it. Find out more about the artist and his work after the jump!

Most of us throw away those disposable coffee cups straight after consuming the drink, but to Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey, they make perfect canvasses for his often intricate art that could take months to finish.

Booey painstakingly draws freehand using permanent markers (without pencil lines!) on blank paper cups and styro cups, which means that he has to do it all over again if he makes a mistake. He also employs a lot of visual style to his mostly monochrome drawings, from caricatures, playful illustrations, and cartoon-ish sketches, to impressive portraits and Japanese woodblock art. Some of his works even encourage you to turn the cup to view the whole picture and its story.

If you run on caffeine like I do, I am sure you will agree that it would be pure pleasure to sip coffee on cups as beautiful as his works—just remember not to throw them right after!

As a bonus, we’re sharing a clip below so you can see him at work:

Make sure to check out his growing portfolio of impressive coffee cup artworks in his Flickr!

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Flavorwire and Visual News.

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