Making a DIY Splitzer Card for a Smena 8M

2012-09-05 2

The Diana F+ gets all the accessories leaving the Smena 8M on its own, but you can change that! Make your own Splizter in 15 minutes for your camera!

I love the flexibility of the Diana F+ with all its crazy and creative accessories but I also love the crispness and clarity of my Smena 8M. I wanted to combine the two, but the Smena doesn’t have any lens accessories. So I decided to make my own! It was so easy and effective to do, I decided to share it with you!

Making The Splitzer Card

Having searching round the house for old bank & store cards, jam jar lids and the like, I settled on a black Lynx shower gel bottle. The plastic is thick and black (enabling complete black out on the one half so theres no interference). The plastic is also fairly flexible enabling easy crafting and installation

You will need:

  • x1 Shower gel // shampoo bottle
  • x1 Strong scissors
  • x1 Craft knife
  • x1 Compass & Pencil
  • x1 Ruler
  • x1 Small file

Start by cutting out a flat piece of plastic large enough to cover the front of the lens housing. It only has to be rough at the moment. Make sure the bottle is clean from shower gel & labels and make sure to dry it well!

Next, measure the diameter of the lens housing. On the Smena, there is a thread on the front. I decided to mount the Splitzer card inside this thread to keep it secure. Using the compass, draw a circle with the correct diameter on the plastic.

Cut this out neatly along the lines and file off any unwanted ridges or burs.
Then, mark out another half-circle and draw a line across the centre of the circle. Keeping the half-circle wide enough allows access to the aperture dial inside the lens.

Using the craft knife, carefully cut out this inside semi-circle, ensuring the line is dead straight. This will make sure your seams on your photos are perfect. Once cut out, cut a slit in the top of semi-circle. All will be revealed!…

Job done! Your Splitzer card is finished! Following the same steps, you can edit the size of the circle to get all kinds of crazy sections in your photos. halfs, thirds, quarters, or make a photo pizza with eights!

Installing the Splizter Card

Remember that slit we cut in the top? Don’t worry, you haven’t destroyed your creation! That allows us to easily install the card. Because the lip it sits in is bellow the lens thread, it acts like a split-ring. To insert the card, insert one side of the slit and press around the outside till all of the card is in the lip. Simple!

To remove or adjust the Splitzer, simply pull or move the middle of the card with your finger.

It’s as easy as that! Takes 15 minutes to make and because the cards are completely flat, they fit in your camera bag, pocket or wallet! Get creative with different shapes and sizes of holes.


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  1. novotao
    novotao ·

    I made my own splitzer for Smena 8M of empty film can. It was good but not perfect. I have to try your card. Thanks for tipster ;-)

  2. novotao
    novotao ·

    @guitarmanadam and there´s my results if you want to see . . .…

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