Seeing Red at the Olympics with Our Eyes, an LC-A, and Some Redscale...


We went to snap the most guarded brand in the world..the Olympics. With an LC-A loaded with redscale film, it was not only our camera that saw red.

The Olympics is the most heavily guarded and restricted of events, not quite what sports is all about, so we went to the Olympic Park to see what the fuss was about. Herded like sheep around a manufactured sporting theme park, we saw red through our eyes and so did our camera…

But despite the redness, the atmosphere of the Olympics captured our intrigue. The curve of the velodrome, the sculptures of the stands, Olympic tags around the city of London. The people, the participants and the paparazzi. There are many sides to the Olympics and we tried to unbiasedly take it all in.

written by neonstash on 2012-09-05 #lifestyle #sport #olympics #london-2012

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