The Best Photos of Pahang, Malaysia


Malaysians would describe Pahang as a state, which is full of lush tropical forests, cool mountain air, beaches, lakes, and waterfalls nestled in the arms of mountain crevices. It’s the largest state in peninsular Malaysia. Visitors to Pahang are usually there to visit the state’s famous hill resorts, its internationally-known islands and beaches, or Taman Negara, the Peninsula’s finest park.

Let us bring you around Pahang, with some of the best shots taken by our Lomographers!

Credits: reinertlee

What’s the best thing to do here? Definitely a Lomo outing with a lot of Lomo enthusiasm at the famous Cherating Beach!

Credits: reinertlee

Bring along your favorite soft toys for a photo shoot!

Credits: hariryariffinismail

Time to work out! Basketball anyone?

Credits: lomoguyz

Or playing football with some friends back at the ‘kampung’?

Credits: funfun

Why not have a Lomo-ride by the beach instead?

Credits: funfun

Or do you prefer having an evening stroll by the beach?

Credits: guitarleo

And watch the sunset together.

Credits: myvitaminx

It’s just another day at Kuantan.

Credits: kiwikoh

Let’s go to the highlands!

Credits: lihooi

And feel the breeze of the cooling air.

Credits: eva_eva

Or visit the party place at Genting Highlands?

Credits: tweetysamm

Spend sometime at the indoor theme park as well!

Credits: apricot

And enjoy fun moments with your best friend forever!

Hope you enjoyed these wonderful pictures taken by our Lomographers! We are looking for more awesome pictures of Pahang so don’t forget to upload them to your LomoHomes and tag the pictures with “Pahang” and “Malaysia”! Let’s show off, submit LomoLocations for Pahang and earn some scrumptious Piggy Points. Lomo on!

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