Ask Your Guru: Flashstalker Asks Susielomovitz


We have yet arrived to another week of Lomography queries and curiosities! We just love hearing your questions and giving out “ahh”-induced answers to fancy your analogue senses.

Yes, it is time for another Ask Your Guru feature! So let us not take long and see what Newcomer flashstalker and LomoGuru susielomovitz have in store for us. It’s boy meets girl this week! Let us know more about these two passionate Lomographers.

Credits: horaciorv

Susielomovitz isn’t an unfamiliar name in our Lomographic Community.This lady from Spain has stunned us with her Lomographs in various formats, styles, and hues. She has been a member of our Community since three years ago as she was introduced to it by a friend.

An art director who used to work for an ad agency but is now part of a new brand of efficient electric radiators being in charge of image and communication, Susie “loves design, fashion, food (eat it, not cook it), go out with friends and ofcourse take analogue photos!”

Credits: azotolina

Meet Lamberto Cudia or flashstalker who comes from the beautiful country of Italy. He started with analogue and digital photography a year ago but really didn’t know about Lomography. From that discovery he has made, he has been hooked ever since!

At present, Lamberto is busy following various Lomography Gallery Store workshops in Milan as he thinks that “Lomography is a personal expression of my creativity: I do love the carpe diem theory and make it come true, new techniques.”

With our introductions being proper, let us now start with the interview as Lamberto asks Susie eight Lomo questions!

What do you do for a living and what are your interests? I’ve seen your LomoHome and you have a lot of photos around the world.

I am an art director. I love design, fashion, illustration, art, food (eat it, not cook it), go out with friends and of course take analogue photos! And also love to travel! That’s the reason of those photos around the world! And I think my boyfriend likes to travel even more than me so… we go [away] at least once a year to discover a new place in the world! Traveling is the perfect time to take photos, to relax, have some free time, see new things in front of my eyes. Believe me, I carry MANY cameras every time I travel, my hand luggage is too heavy and is always inspected. Imagine every time I get to the lab after a trip… developing party!

What was your first camera?

My first camera was a present from my brother and it was the Diana F+ with the Deluxe Kit.

Stunning Diana F+ photos from Susie.

What is Lomography to you?

It’s my hobby: it’s a pleasure, it’s fun, it’s beatiful, it’s creative, it’s challenging, it’s magic!

Whats is your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community?

The LOMOLUCK! I consider myself a LomoLucky girl because since I started in Lomography luck has never left me! Do you want to know more abot this phenomenon? Discover how I got my Diana, my Fisheye, my Supersampler, my LC-A+ and my La Sardina in this series of articles. And belive me, that was just the beginning!

What is your favorite Lomographic camera/film and why?

Oh! My favorite camera is my Diana F+ loaded with Kodak Ektachrome E100G in sunny days. Recently I wrote this Love Letter to my Diana. There you can know why I love her.

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends?

Yes! And that’s fantastic! Yesterday two Lomographers I have met from the Lomo Community were having dinner at home! That’s the best thing about this Community — analogue passion brings people together and you find really good friends!

Who influences your photography hobby/work?

Wow… Many things I guess. Starting from other Lomographers in the Community, going through professional photography works I see in galleries, museums or magazines, to art in general, movies, the streets, people, traveling… I like to keep my eyes wide open at all times.

Various popular Lomographs from Lamberto.

How important is film swap to you?

Film swap is fun! It’s nice because you leave part of the photo to another Lomographer and to destiny. It’s a complete different way to snap. I like it. I haven’t done many swaps but I am so happy to have done all of them (successful and unsuccessful) and of course I am open to do more! One of my favorite photos comes from a filmswap with dabai. You might say that is the product of LomoLuck, but luck has to be sought!

Credits: susielomovitz

Now now, how fun is destiny to bring these two Lomographers to a question and answer portion we were quite curious to read about! Sure is a great deal from this man and woman. Thank you and cheers to the both of you!

Are you a curious Newcomer? Or maybe a LomoGuru who would like to share tips and tricks to our noobs? Then this is your time to be featured! Just drop me a line at Catch ya!

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    @flashstalker Hey! Thanks for this lovely interview and welcome to this amazing analogue community! :D

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