Creativity Is A Poem Underwater

2012-08-30 5

Underwater photography seems to be a summer time thing. Happiness and excitement oozes from these shots. But after checking out the works of Simon Harsent, the emotions that surface are amazement and an air of mystery.

Photo is taken from Design Collector

Normally, we see underwater photographs of people having fun with their friends during a boat trip or playing water sports. People in the pictures are often relaxed and full of enjoyment. However, inspired by his father’s poem, Simon Harsent has created a unique underwater photography series.

Harsent is a New-York-based photographer. His underwater photography project was inspired by a poem, “Into The Abyss”, which his father David Harsent penned. Therefore, he named the series after the very work which inspired him. With the dramatic background and lighting, a lonely and mysterious atmosphere is established.

Photos are taken from Design Collector

Into The Abyss By David Harsent

A little deeper and she’ll lose the light. At first
the surface is just touchable – shadows that might be clouds
or birds in flight… She sets her face to the skim
to get the last of the world she came from, some slight
sense of voices fading as she slips
from almost-day to almost-night, grey-green shading
first to blue, then more than blue, then to a blue never seen
by anyone but her, and that slow drift into darkness set to sever
all that she owned or wanted, all she had ever been.

This collective project isn’t complete without the poem! Reading the poem along with the images may render you slightly breathless. Can the young girl in the pictures escape from the darkness? If you nod then you are probably like the other viewers who have been captivated by the pictures!

Credits: gabewongchoi, kylethefrench & emilios

Our community photos are just swimming aren’t they!

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Inspiration of this article is from a Design Collector entry.

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  1. mario-salvenmoser
    mario-salvenmoser ·

    amazing pictures!

  2. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    Yes! They are! :)

  3. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    The first series of picture are dream like, however, I started feeling short of breath. The second series are more realistic, perhaps the fact that the gorgeous model is standing on her feet, assures the viewer that she is not going to be sucked into the abyss!

  4. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @rbruce68 Yes! Then can she make you feel better in the second series? And you really look into the details! Cool!

  5. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @rbruce63 Yes! Then can she make you feel better in the second series? And you really look into the details! Cool!

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