The Great Illusionist: David Copperfield


He was born David Seth Kotkin, but is later well-known as the great American magician and illusionist, David Copperfield. What makes Copperfield different from other magicians is his “Grade A” illusions and magic shows, as well as his storytelling integrations.

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David Copperfield is no ordinary magician you see in a traveling circus. He’s a great entertainer. He has sold more tickets than Michael Jackson, Madonna, or even Elvis Presley. He has received more awards than any magician in history. Ask the Guinness World Records! And get this, he is the only living magician to appear on postage stamps, in SIX different countries!

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Copperfield is the founder of the International Museum & Library of Conjuring Arts, one of the worlds largest collection of the history of the art of magic. The museum holds a collection of over 80,000 pieces, including 15,000 magic books, thousands of graphic images, prints, poster, playbills, photographs, manuscripts, letters, and scrapbooks of leading magicians throughout the years. If you want access to the collection, you’d have to be a scholar interested in the history of conjuring arts and will have to write and application to the museum’s archivist.

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