The Islands of Gothenburg Archipelago


Deep blue ocean water, smooth rocks and stunning nature awaits you in Göteborg’s southern archipelago.

Göteborg’s southern archipelago is made out of 30 major islands, many of them with permanent residents… Approximately a 25 min ride with tram no. 11 from Gothenburg city centre you’ll find the end station ‘Saltholmen’ where 3 different ferry lines depart every hour and you can use your tram ticket on the ferries within 90mins from buying the ticket. Each ferry makes a number of stops at different islands before turning around and going back the same way. The archipelago serves you a stunning view with its super-smooth rocks, deep blue ocean water, beautiful flowers and picturesque houses. This is where the residents of Gothenburg go to relax in the sun, swim in the ocean and forget all about the stressful city life for a while.

Due to the famous Swedish ‘Allemansrätten’ and laws of coast protection, most parts of the Swedish coast line (and even the private islands) are accessible and free to enter. This means you have a good chance of finding your own spot if you’re looking for some solitude. Bring wine and a picnic for a romantic day/evening with your lover or fill your bags to the brim with beer, meat and a single-use barbecue for a water splashing fun-day with your best friends.

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