Triple City Film Doubles’ Adventure with Feelux


A doubles’ experiment adventure for Feelux and I, using the Fisheye 2 and La Sardina in the middle of the city or while walking around in the park, in a nearby city in the South.

Credits: feelux

My friend Feelux and I decided to have film doubles. Unexpectedly, we shot in three nearby cities in the Philippines: Alabang, Cavite City, and Makati.

For my part, I used the Kodak Ektachrome E100 GX film. It was actually my first time loading slide film into my La Sardina. This was also a trial for me. But that didn’t stop me from having fun.

Credits: feelux

I brought my La Sardina inside a mall in Alabang and decided to try the bulb mode.

Credits: feelux

During the weekend, my friend invited me for longboard with her brother in a park at Cavite City.

Cavite City is a nearby city and is almost a 2-hour drive if you’re from Manila. Not as crowded as Manila or the main cities, Cavite City still has a provincial vibe and is a good place if you just want to hang out and relax.

Credits: feelux

After I finished the roll, I passed it to Feelux. He decided to shoot it in Makati, a business district. If you’re into buildings this is ideal for a shoot. (But beware of the security guards just in case, because some establishments or companies won’t allow you to shoot). Even in Makati, there is also a park where you can lounge around and take more photos.

It seems that even though I marked the film, the frames weren’t aligned. Fortunately, some photos looked cool as if we used a Splitzer. Feelux stitched some photos to see our doubles.

Credits: feelux

So where have you had your last adventure with a friend?

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