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2012-09-07 2

I don’t want to insist, but the destruction is addictive. If you want to know how I destroyed a reel almost completely, continue reading.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

I usually try to avoid destroying reels when I think there could be some good photo, but now I’ve lost that criterion.

I’m gonna tell you my secret. The process is so similar than I’ve used before:

1. You have to finish the reel.
2. Rewind it, until there’s a little part out of it (don’t rewind it completly)
3. Go into the dark room, with water, a dryer and a little black canister (like the ones are used to put the reels).
4. Take out all the film and try to stain without soaking it, with a spry or a brush with Topionic
5. Wash it and dry it (in the dark!)
6. Put the film without the reel into the black canister.
7. Go to the lab and good luck!

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

What I want to try is acclimate the Linn Youki music show, but I only could to save one photo.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

The destruction is addictive but sometimes it can ruin your film too!

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2012-09-07 #gear #tutorials #film #analogue #lab-rat #tipster #tricks #destroy #trucos #destroyer #laboratory-rat
translated by carlosbull


  1. kolumbia
    kolumbia ·

    The last one is AMAZING!!! I love everything about it. This makes me wish I developed my own film--I would love to try this!

  2. unreality
    unreality ·

    psychedelic! :)

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