Lomography CN 400: A Versatile Gem In The Analogue World

2012-08-31 3

If you ever find yourself wondering what film to use next, look no further. The Lomography CN 400 has plenty to offer, and is perhaps the most reliable film to have in your pocket. Check out what this treasure has to offer!

I have only been in the analogue world for roughly 3 months, and within that time, all I had used were rolls of Lomography CN 100 – 6 rolls, in total. I felt that it was a safe film to use, especially for beginners, and I was quite attached to it. Eventually, I felt that it was time to use something new, so I decided to try some Lomography CN 400.

I used three rolls of Lomography CN 400, and developed them all at one go – I didn’t have the time to develop one roll first to see if I had made any mistakes. Since the film speed for Lomography CN 400 is faster than that of Lomography CN 100, I was rather worried that I had overexposed some pictures, since I had not learnt the ropes for Lomography CN 400.

So, when I got back my developed rolls and saw the endlessly vibrant, vivid, and clear pictures, you can understand my delight. I was over the moon! Upon browsing my pictures, I came to realise that the Lomography CN 400 is a very versatile film; the pictures I had taken ranged from indoors to outdoors, in gloomy weather, cloudy weather, and even outdoors at night, so I was mightily impressed!

Here are some of the pictures taken in gloomy weather:

As you can see, the colours in these photos are clear and bright, even though there wasn’t much sunshine. If they were shot using Lomography CN 100, I’m pretty sure they would have been murky.

I had many indoor shots as well – I use a La Sardina, and in the manual, it was advised that I use the flash diffuser (the white colour filter) with the flash (when using ISO 400 film), so that the pictures won’t be overexposed. However, I didn’t use the diffuser in most of my shots, and it still turned out great! None of the pictures I had were overexposed! Here are some of my indoor shots:

Some of the above shots were candid, where the objects were moving; and yet, the images are not too shaky or blurred. The Lomography CN 400 is fast enough to capture these precious moments clearly. That’s certainly a plus!

One thing I definitely like about Lomography CN 400 film is that since its film speed is in the middle range (compared to Lomography CN 100 and 800 – both at extreme ends of the spectrum), it is extremely versatile, and can be used to shoot practically anything, anywhere; from still objects to moving objects, from dark corners in indoor places to the great outdoors, rain or shine – and I have certainly fallen in love with it.

Here are some extra shots from my rolls in various conditions:

So, next time you head out with your lomo, make sure you carry a roll of Lomography CN 400 film, for you may never know when you would need it – and when that time comes, I can assure you that it will come in handy. You won’t regret it!

And remember – don’t think!

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