Stanley, Hong Kong


Stanley is a place with sea-side café, bars, ancient Chinese temples, gothic architecture, local sovenir stores, etc. It’s a colourful and hybrid town. When going somewhere deeper, there is a beautiful cemetery with contributors in WWII.

Stanley is a multi-cultural town, with both Western and Chinese elements. Sea-side café, bars, ancient Chinese temples, local stalls appear in such a small place.

Here is like a Resort to both local residents and foreigners. Everybody enjoys the relaxing mood in the air. Along the coastline there are lots of restaurants which you can spend a whole afternoon chatting with family and friends. Fishing lovers will stay quietly in the pier and enjoy the sunlight. Children run in the spaces and giggle is everywhere. (Living condition in Hong Kong is usually crowded and here is relatively big for children to “consume” their energy.)

As a tourist spot, many souvenir stores sell “tee with your Chinese name”, paintings, shoes, hats, antiques, 70s’ communist badges etc. Anyway, the target is foreigners. Hong Kong people are too used to these….. (It is the best to go along with a friend who knows Chinese when you buy those tees so he or she can help you to choose better Chinese calligraphy.)

The beach is another attraction point, although I miss it this time.

When going somewhere deeper in the area, there is a beautiful cemetery. It buried some contributors in WWII e.g. soldiers, medical corps, volunteer army, and their families. It is a peaceful slope with nice green grasses (but here shows the B/W photo only…)

Stanley is a “backyard” of Hong Kong. Relax the tensed life and forget the chaos in weekdays.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Hooo N°8 is outstanding !

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    love this place!

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