Kinetic Public Art at Brisbane's Airport


If you’ve ever wondered why the streets are so packed near Brisbane’s Airport, check out the new art installation that they have on the airport’s new Domestic Terminal short-term multi-level car park. You’ll definitely want to slow down your car too and take in the magnificent view of the art installation.

Photos by Inhabit

The car park will have an exterior that is covered by an active façade, measuring 400m long x 30m high and consists of 273,000 individual aluminum discs that pivots back and forth as the wind breeze passes by. The art installation will appear to ripple due to wind movements.

Photos by Urban Art Projects

If you’re inside the car park, you will be entertained by intricate patterns of light and shadow that are projected onto the walls and floor as sunlight passes through the kinetic façade.

This amazing kinetic façade is made possible by Urban Art Projects, who has commissioned established American artist Ned Kahn.

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