My Very First Analogue Wedding Experience

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Shooting weddings have always been a dream of mine, something I only imagined a lucky few do, not including me. But when I had the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to shoot a friend’s cousin’s wedding at the beach, I immediately jumped at the chance! Analogue just adds a special touch to this already magical event.

Credits: dearjme

Growing up, I always considered photography an art that one could never pursue because, really, it’s difficult to make a living and become a widely successful photographer without any other funding or back-up jobs. Also, many people are very good at taking photos, so what would make me standout and succeed above them? So I gave up really aspiring to do photography as a profession, and focused all my attention on studying to be a nurse.

Lomography entered the picture, and became a passion that brought life, new perspective, and great reward as a hobby. But photography remained just that – a hobby. Many other friends showed great potential to go into photography professionally, and I just kept telling myself I wasn’t one of them.

Just this past month, a close friend had her cousin and family members stay over at her house for an impromptu wedding that would happen the very next morning – talk about late planning or what? Anyway, the couple pretty much just flew to Hawaii from the continental mainland, with the intention of finally tying the knot after six years of dating. My friend had asked me to sleepover….and if I wanted to come with her to the wedding.

If you can imagine, things could’ve been very awkward for me – the girl who has never met this couple, and is somewhat barging into their intimate beach wedding at the last minute of their already last minute nuptials. However, things turned out to be very nice and warm, the family welcomed me kindly.

Credits: dearjme

And of course that’s not the end of the story, as the title of this article implies…I was asked to take some film photos of their wedding ceremony, and do some couple photos as well, since my friend had so kindly shown her cousin some of my previous Lomographs. Talk about flattery! I was so honored to be able to capture some precious mementos of the beautiful couple and their special day.

Taking couple photos definitely takes creativity and initiative from the photographer – you must be able to think up appropriate poses that suit the couple and their tastes right on the spot. Try to scope out the area where photos are being taken for the best lighting and scenery, and also keep things animated, so that the couple is really having a good time, which will reflect in the final results.

I had some trouble getting the couple to do some lifting poses, but this is my absolute favorite shot from them, taken with my trusty Canon AE-1 Program.

Credits: dearjme

I knew I wanted to use my Canon, only because I’d have much more confidence that the focus and exposures would be correct for the X-Pro slides. Knowing that these photos will mark a day that will be remembered for the rest of the couple’s lives, I wanted to make sure that they turned out great, but still have that analogue flair we all know and love.

During the ceremony, it was difficult at times to frame the couple without getting too many other extras in the way, but some things can’t be helped.

Credits: dearjme

Factors like the wind and other people in the background must be dealt with, especially when the wedding is at a public beach.

But luckily, the ceremony was at 8am, so not a lot of people had populated the area as of yet, and the sun was perfect for lighting without being too harsh, like the noon sun would be.

Credits: dearjme

I also tried to get the bride in most of the foreground shots, since we all know ladies really invest in themselves for makeup and dresses. It’s only fair that we give them their deserved attention in the photos.

Credits: dearjme

I also got to take advantage of the beautiful beach as a background, and used my 28mm wide lens to take some photos with the view and the couple strolling on the sand.

Credits: dearjme

All in all, I didn’t get to extensively practice many poses or techniques, but I am so thankful to the wonderful husband and wife that allowed me to shoot my very first wedding and make one of my dreams come true!

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Very nice pictures indeed! They will be a great present for the couple or a great presentation for a commercial endeavour!

  2. onemadfabgirl
    onemadfabgirl ·

    i think the pictures are great! just perfect to capture that special moment, while giving wedding photos a refreshing analogue twist. there is some photographer potential in you after all :p

  3. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @rbruce63 @onemadfabgirl Thanks guys! I hope to shoot more weddings in the future :)

  4. wennie
    wennie ·

    ahh..nice pictures! :)) I wish I could shoot weddings too!

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